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Arman Padid Company was established in Tehran in 2001 aiming to render expanded commercial services and presenting consultation-advisory services in international trade.

This company due to 30 years of working records and taking advantage of the valuable experiences of his experiences experts inside and outside Iran renders the following services:

Our ServicesSome Of Arman Padid Services

Import and Export

Identify sources of foreign imports and foreign target markets for exports

Investment Services

Domestic investment advisory services - external and external consulting services in the form of loan finance and commercial services (issuance of P, documentary credits, etc.)

Banking services

Provide consulting and advisory services to the banking and credit systems implementation to create more value in trading

Transport insurance services

Transport insurance services, custom services such as import, export and customs clearance of all goods from all countries

Our ActivitiesSome of the activities in Arman Padid Company

1- Identification of foreign supplies sources for importation
2- Identification of foreign target markets for exportation
3- To render the consultation services for domestic-foreign investment
4- To render consultation services for obtaining the foreign loans in context of finance
5- To render the foreign business services (issuance of P/I, letter of credits…)
6- To render the international transportation (air, sea , road and railway)
7- To render the transport insurance services
8- To render the services of customs affairs including importation , exportation and clearance of all goods from all customs of country
9- To do/perform transit and passavant of all goods from all customs
10- To render consultation services for professional marketing and system implementation
11- To render the banking and credit consultation services
12- To render consultation services in implementation of added-value systems in commerce.

Our thinking based on achievement of a pioneer organization in the commercial activity area , requires that while stabilizing our pioneering status as a leading entity in field of importation to Iran , by exporting the Iranian goods to the international markets , meet the needs of the merchants.
Truthfulness, adherence to common norms and prestige in business, observing the mutual respect , sense of responsibility , honesty , diligence and prompt action in works and operations are all considered among our lofty values in Arman Padid Company and its employees.
Customer's Satisfaction:
Promotion of services quality and increasing the customer satisfaction and performing the obligations are considered as the main company objectives and goals which are assessed and studied by the senior management of the organization through regular intervals.


With consideration to records of long cooperation of founders of Arman Padid Company with most of the following companies from the very establishment date up to now , this company undertakes responsibility for rendering all the commercial services , without any exception , including manufacturing raw materials and aided production machinery of production line, related consumed tools , CKD and semi-fabricated goods and the other issues as follows:

A- clearance of various peanut / coconut and dried fruits
B- clearance of various machinery

1- Packing machine
2- Multihed machine
3- Injection molding machine
4- Blow molding machine






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